The Farm’s digital release Let The Music (Take Control) is available from Thursday 1 February 2024. This track is the second in a series by the band and follows the success of the radio hit Feel The Love*

the farm let the music
Let The Music (Take Control)

It is a vibrant mix of electronic sounds inspired by Kraftwerk, brought to life with dynamic guitar riffs. And was inspired by a chance meeting and live performance by legendary guitarist, composer and producer Nile Rodgers.

The Farm’s lead guitarist Keith Mullin and lyricist Peter Hooton went to see Rodgers in Liverpool a few years ago. During the gig Peter envisioned Rodgers, as a prophet, standing on a podium leading a mass ‘movement’ of people with the slogan ‘Let the Music – Take Control’ and the masses were captivated, not by any political slogan, but by the music, rhythm and melody.

Peter says: “I got the idea from when politicians started using meaningless phrases like ‘take back control’ and I thought it should be ‘let the music take control’ as music is international and, way more than politicians, can inspire, unite and change attitudes.”

And coincidentally, before the gig, Keith had run into Rodgers where the pair talked about their love of the Fender Stratocaster guitar. Known affectionately as the ‘hit-maker’ by Rodgers, Keith wrote the riffs for The Farm hits Groovy Train and All Together Now on a Strat. As he has for Let The Music (Take Control).

Let The Music (Take Control) will be available on streaming platforms from 1 February 2024

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*Following its release in September 2023, Feel The Love was added to the BBC Radio 2 playlist, all BBC regional spot playlists, Gary Crowley, and Greatest Hits