This time last week we were getting ready to play at NHS299, 55,000 people converging in Manchester to protest the actions of this current government.  A government that seems hell bent on privatising our NHS, health for profit and not for people.  Needless to say it was a fantastic day, good spirited, vocal and perhaps the start of something different for the Justice gang.  There are rumblings amongst the posse, we felt the love last week from the thousands that attended, nurses, doctors, ambulance staff and everyday people united in one voice.  It was good to see the younger generation taking part and picking up the Justice baton, Bolshy & John Lennon McCullough, who where excellent it has to be said.  We are looking toward a new year peppered with more of these types of events, and we would like to see others stand with us and oppose the robbery of our NHS, as once its gone there’ll be no going back, be warned we have to make a stand now!