We’ll be preparing for a special gig Monday, impromptu performance with a world famous Brass band. This will be a first musically, hopefully it will sound interesting and be the perfect backdrop to what is turning into a culturally significant event. Using music in a positive way, becoming part of the story, part of a history, in the past music/songs were used to impart information from one generation to another its purpose went beyond that of entertaining. In some respects operated like news, creating folklore, myth and legend, which is why we do what we do. Songs give you a voice, I feel its important how that voice is used, some songs can tell you so much about the time in which it was made, like an historical artifact, they can speak to future generations, fixed in time. I’m not saying music can change the world, but if created by the socially aware, it can give you something to think about. NHS299 The NHS is ours and it is not for sale